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Waverley Housing Options

Housing options




Welcome to the Waverley Housing Options wizard

Get personalised housing advice, any time that suits you...

We'll ask you a number of questions about your current situation and guide you through the different options that could be available, helping you make an informed decision on which options might suit you best.

What sort of housing options are available?

There are a number of different options available and some will meet your needs better than others. Going through this assessment will help narrow down the range of options which include, home ownership, private rented and social housing, supported housing as well as options to help you remain within your own home.

I'm already on the housing register, why not just wait for social housing?

Social housing is in great demand locally and people often wait a long time before being offered a property. The options suggested here may make it easier and quicker for you to move, or improve you current situation.

What sort of options are there outside of Waverley?

You may find it useful to get advice for places outside Hart, if you are working there for example. Here are some quick links to places nearby: Rushmoor, Hart and Guildford or you can find your local Council online. 



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